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Associate Minister

Traci Lynn Jewelry Consultant

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Phone: 757-535-9002

MONTHLY CALENDAR { 2018 } Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May 

Jan Events 

First Responders Program, 21st @ 11am

Church Vision Meeting, 22nd @ 7pm

Feb Events 

Black History Program, 7th @ 7pm

African Accentric Attire, 11th @ 11am

Sweetheart Ball/Couples Night, 17th (time TBA)

Women of Enpowerment Meeting, 13th @ 6:30pm

Mar Events 

Women of Enpowerment Meeting, 13th @ 6:30pm

Family Bible Study & Dinner, 21st @ 6pm

Passion Week,25th - 30th @ 7pm each night

Church Retreat, 31st from 9am - 12noon

Apr Events 

Fritz Skeeter Dedication Service, 8th @ 3pm

Women of Empowerment Meeting, 10th @ 6:30pm

Church Vision Meeting,16th @ 7pm

Spring Revival Service, 17th - 20th @ 7pm each night

Unity Night, 25th @ 7pm

May Events 

Women Day Program, 6th @ 11am

Women of Empowerment Meeting, 8th @ 6:30pm

Singles Outing Program, 12th (time TBA)

Church Anniversary Program, 20th @ 11am

Family Retreat, 26th @ (time TBA)